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Anna textile genuine cotton sheets set of four cotton bedding quilt suite Jin prime Huayun \ standard \ blue (40s twill sheet four set Jin prime Huayun 1.5 m bed applicable)

Anna textile genuine cotton sheets four piece cotton bedding quilt Jin Su \ blue flower Suite (40S twill sheet four sets)

Brand introduction

Anna houseware Co., Ltd. was established in August 1994. It is a set of advanced R & D center, modern production base, a sound marketing service system and efficient logistics distribution system in one with strong comprehensive strength of well-known textile enterprises. Anna rich company to "create better sleep life, to create the brand of hundred years home" for the business philosophy, with noble, elegant, romantic "Anna rich delicate, warm, fashion" Xin and Weisha VERSAI music "and noble, luxury fashion brand --". In recent years, Anna has been in rapid growth, the average annual growth rate of more than 30%

[1] when washing do not use bleach, do not use hot water (not higher than 30 DEG C), with luke warm water and cold water, the temperature ironing, conventional dry cleaning.

[2] tile drying, drying dry storage in dry places, South humidity also periodically drying.

[3] twill cotton four set for coating and printing process, first washing will float color washout, belongs to the normal phenomenon, after one to two times of washing, this situation will be completely disappeared, please don't worry.

[4] wash dark bedding, the time of immersion is not more than 10 minutes (including a deep color of the coexistence of products). Do not pay attention to a large area of local washing, rubbing, and not with other light colored fabric washing mixture.